Modern Wooden Church “the asplund chapel”

all images by alessandra chemollo the first photographs from the 16th international architecture exhibition document the ‘asplund chapel’, designed by MAP studio and built by ALPI. conceived as a prelude to the exhibition, the structure displays asplund’s architectural drawings for the original woodland chapel — located at skogskyrkogården cemetery in sweden. measuring just 33 square meters, the pavilion refers to both the architecture of the … Continue reading Modern Wooden Church “the asplund chapel”

Lake Onega, Russia

                      Saturday, July 11, 2015 In Russia's Lake Onega, you'll find the island of Kizhi, covered with an extraordinary array of more than 80 centuries-old wooden buildings transported here to create an open-air museum.Among them is the 22-domed Church of the Transfiguration of our Lord & Saviour, celebrated on 6th August, that was built in 1714 without … Continue reading Lake Onega, Russia