Ehud died, Jabin the II

Well Ehud didn’t last long and by Judges 4.1 he’s dead and of course everything went back to pot.  Such does seem the way of the world.  This time God got mad and sold them into slavery to Jabin, a king of Canaan.

Now of course those who read all of Joshua, the part we did not cover, know that Joshua beat a Jabin so how can be back?  Well the family had another and I guess figuring it was a lucky name(?), named another son Jabin, so while the OT does not specify him as such, this is Jabin II, King of Canaan who reigned in Hazor,  shown in this picture as it is  today.

Hazor lies about nine miles north of the Sea of Galilee but there is a slight problem with which Hazor is being mentioned here and in Chronicles just like which Jabin is who.  Luckily  archaeological evidence of Jabin the II and Hazor was discovered cunieform tablets found in 1992, just twenty year ago, though as far back as 1955 another biblical archeological thought he found the spot but ran out of money to pursue his ideas.

So, while it is hard to believe that after all these thousands of years, things are still turning up, OTOH we do know really and truly that it is out there, and not some myth like it never snows in Australia (they actually have a skiing area in the Snowy Mountains where people go skiing during the Australian Winter July and June) and that’s why like the Bible…there’s no hype.  It’s just Is.

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