The happy religious family

Well if the secular family with its McMansions, mobile for every newborn and $110 K salary is stressed out, the religious family, centered around God seems to be very happy but wasn’t that the theme 140 years of Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy?

from the ChristianNewsWire.

CANONSBURG, Penn., July 26/Christian Newswire/ — Children with religious parents are better behaved and appear happier than children raised by secular parents, a study from Mississippi State University reports.

One of the reasons is that religious families appear to be more stable, and that provides the children with a range of benefits.
“I believe my faith helped me to be a better husband and parent,” says David Beato, a devout Christian and author of the new memoir The Power of Prayer, Endurance and Truth. “It taught me to have self-sacrificing and pro-family values.”
Mr. Beato’s book describes how religion has shaped his life, from his difficult childhood in Italy during World War II to his struggle to make it as a successful businessman in America. Along the way, Mr. Beato faced many monumental tests of faith, including the death of his beloved son, professional setbacks and deceptive family members who tried to ruin him.
John Bartkowski, a sociologist from Mississippi State University and author of the study, questioned parents and teachers of more than 16,000 first graders about their behavior. 
Mr. Bartkowski discovered that children with religious parents, especially when they have both parents, have better:
        Self-control skills
        Social skills
        Learning ability
The research also shows that religious parents have greater success because they generally get better social support from religious organizations and communities. Also, they have higher moral and family values implemented in their everyday lives.
“Parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs in the world,” says Mr. Beato. And they”should not neglect their child’s spiritual development because it creates a good foundation for many desirable qualities, such as high moral values, self-discipline, humility, family and community.”
David Beato is a well-known real estate developer in southwestern Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife. He has one son and two daughters who are college educated and married, and his greatest joy is spending time with his children and grandchildren.
The Power of Prayer, Endurance and Truth by David Beato is available on and Barnes &

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