40 Pocket Prayers: Matthew 6

Max Lucado and his 40 prayers

Max Lucado was born January 11, 1955 in Texas. From his biography, I think he was raised Pentecostal and his family was Spanish-Mexican but he never tells you that, a major reason I do not care for him — he hides too much in sanctimony. Nonetheless, I know I am alone, so I’ll highlight some of Pocket Prayers for those eager to learn more from him.

Max calling

Max attended Abilene Christian University  and received an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications in his goal to become a lawyer. Max has written though, that a required Bible course changed his mind, and he now wanted to join the ministry. That meant his Communication credits were no longer valid towards his bachelors, and he would have to get a Masters in Bible & Biblical Studies; and, have at least two years experience ministering to a church. He did that.

After graduation, Lucado became an associate minister at Central Church of Christ in Miami, Florida. His responsibilities initially included overseeing a singles’ group and writing a column for the church’s newsletter. After two years in Miami, Lucado and his wife, Denalyn went to  Rio de Janeiro, as full-time missionaries. After five years of service he returned to Texas.

Max’s pocket prayers

We are excerpting pages from his and his daughter’s pamphlet, Pocket Prayers for the next few days. Today is from Matthew 6:9. Frankly I think they are boring, there is no insight and Charles Spurgeon is better at this, (who went home January 31, 1892 from London) but if you differ, you can buy this at ChristianBook.com for $2.49 plus shipping or 2.99 as an ebook. I recommend the paperback.

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