Do i need a concordance?

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What is a concordance? And do I need one? I  do not have one and I am wondering if I need one because  am on a reading program via,  that reads the Bible in One year.  I am actually a few days behind, but right now we are reading Job and alternating with Matthew.  Sometimes the the site  mentions a concordance.

My daily bible, The Voice, has in its appendix a topical study of the bible, which to my mind is very similar to tagging. The Voice says that you “don’t need a concordance” which is why they do not have one, and their topic index is helpful but of course like most people, if you don’t have it, you immediately want it.  Whether I would use it, is another thing.

My other daily, seek, find Bible has neither, just a mini dictionary in the back.  It is in the English Standard Version (ESV).  I never refer to it.  It’s a nice thick paperback bible; the cover is green unlike the ones found at the ChristianBook site above.  I typically keep it in the car for impromptu reading matter; it is far better than listening to endless commercials on the radio punctuated by a song or two when you arrive early at your destination.

The dictionary defines a concordance as simply an alphabetical index of the principal Nouns in a book. Would verbs have much value ? WHile Nouns are the thing , verbs, those action things, could be useful, but it seems that a concordance does not have that.

So I return to the initial problem.  Do I need a concordance?  Maybe next time at a book store I should look at one again, and see if I am inspired.

con·cord·ance[kon-kawr-dns, kuhn-]  Show IPA


agreement; concord; harmony: the concordance of the membership.

an alphabetical index of the principal words of a book, as in the Bible, with a reference to the passage in which each occurs.

an alphabetical index of subjects or topics.

(in genetic studies) the degree of similarity in a pair of twins with respect to the presence or absence of a particular disease or trait.

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