News: Jury indicts PA RC diocese

Of course the article is from the New York Times.  They live to insult the Catholic Chuch with a vehemence that goes beyond the rational.  The jury found that the diocese had 50 (yes Fifty) molesting young boys but how young they are is never said in the story.  Frankly I find the whole scandal bogus.  Are these boys teenagers?  If so by liberal standards they are old enough to make their own choices, and in many states consensual sex over the age of 13 is legal; in Pennsylvania, where I live & why I noticed the story, it is 16.
Probably the worst part of the story is DEAD priests were blamed for misdeeds.  It’s like the old joke, the guy who isn’t around because he quit the job, is always to blame.  Frankly I smell a shakedown.

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