Babynames: Arvella

Mrs Schuller’s name surprised me; I had never heard of the name Arvella so I searched around and found nothing.  Then I looked at the US Census and discovered via Nameberry that at the turn of the 20th Century it was quite popular and #1 on the list.  Here it is for both the boys and the girls.


  1. Albino
  2. Bethel
  3. Broadus
  4. Bubber
  5. Catherine  *Yes I have heard of men named Catherine only with “C”
  6. Curry
  7. Erskine
  8. Gifford
  9. Lugene       * This was news to me.
  10. Prentiss
  11. Purvis
  12. Stanislaus
  13. Virgie
  14. Smiley


  1.  Arvella
  2.  Dicey
  3.  Elpha
  4.  Curlie
  5. Etheline     *Georgeanna’s sister was Etheline. c 1910
  6. Faustina
  7.  Ferrol
  8. Georgeanna  *my grandmother’s name,  she was born 1906.  The 3rd and 4th sisters name was popular in 1910.  They were born in 1912 and 1921 respectively.
  9. Ioma
  10. Lillias  *the yoga teacher’s name
  11. Luvina  *great name for Valentine’s Day babies
  12. Oney
  13. Pairlee
  14. Pet and Petrina
  15. Rafaelita
  16. Pinky
  17. Texanna
  18. Soledad

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