Calendars for the New Year


I picked this up for mother in law for a Christmas gift at they were having a sale of $1.00 postage and 30% off so I thought that was pretty good and got a few for gifts.  This one  I think it is just wonderful.  Here are the first pages from it so you can get a good overview of what each week holds. What I really adore, is the Prayer Request column, Prayers Answered, and Touches of God – as constant reminders of God’s effect in our life. 

How often we forget to list all the prayers that were actually answered, except in our daily thanksgiving prayer.  Keeping a list is a great reminder of how much our conversations with God are going well, and an extra pick me up when we think they are not.

img110I had the Thomas Kinkade weekly calendar last year, which is far different than the planner.  I really can’t recommend it though the paper used was excellent. Alas the problem was this book really did very little to inspire and keep God in your life for there was just one puny quote, little in the area of affirmations and the paintings were just monthly. 

There is just no comparison between the two except both are ring bound so be careful when you order.  The Desk Calendar btw, is a daily picture but nothing else.  I had that one too, I did not think the reproductions were very good; this one is better has it has daily verses as well.

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